Cashew Cream Broccoli Alfredo | Gluten Free

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24oz Square Fiber Bowl | 2oz Cheese Snow

Our rich cashew cream Alfredo sauce with crisp sautéed broccoli served over gluten free noodles. Sprinkle our cheese snow atop for extra "parmesan-like" flavor. 

*For food safety purposes - it is highly recommended to add an insulated cooler bag to your purchase if you cannot retrieve your delivery ASAP or have a cooler for us to drop the delivery in. Everest Eats cannot assume any liability for food spoilage if consumer neglects to utilize an insulated cooler bag, leave a cooler or retrieve meals ASAP upon delivery. A full refund in store credit will be issued for all cooler bags returned in good condition.


*Customers with serious food allergies are encouraged to refrain from Everest Eats meals. Everest Eats cannot assume any liability for adverse reactions to food consumed.*